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We invented pretargeting!

...and we're glad you heard about it...


Copy, paste one unique javascript tag...
Define one ad placement
Trust us...

Earn money : we pay $2 CPM!


Buy pre-billed placements
Bid programmatically
Base your bids on your XML feed!

Get highly targeted traffic, paid per click!

Various implementations

In-text links
Text-links (Partners box)
Banners (IAB standards)

Dynamic ads ready, based on product-feeds!

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Self-improving optimization

Leverage insights and third party data!

Retargeting results, targeting figures!

1) We scan the page

We gather content data and retrieve user data.

We then know who is the user, what he is doing here, and what kind of offer may interest him...

2) We deliver ads

In-text ads based on content

Content and/or user based ("dynamic") ads

Pay Per Click model : No risk to pay unviewed ads!

3) We sell data

Our clients can use collected data to target within our network.

We also provide Third Party Data within major marketplaces (Appnexus, DoubleClick...).

Great targeting options!


Bid on:

Social behavior
Products EAN/ISBN
Brands and Models
Socio-demo Categories
Interest Categories
Intent Categories
Specific data (travel dates, destination...)